Agnes Fegan Wins November Work Share “Competition,” POINT OF VIEW

POINT OF VIEW Winner, November 2018. © Agnes Fegan 2018

It all depends on your point of view…”

A common saying we’ve all heard.  The winning photo by Agnes Fegan for November is a sterling example.

Take an ordinary scene in any home:  Fall season decorations placed on a table in front of curtains lit by the waning light of late afternoon.  You could find this, or a similar scene, in any number of houses this time of year. Totally ordinary, nothing special: Until you change your point of view.

The photo immediately grabbed me.  What is this?

Looking, studying, deciphering the objects, the elements of the photo, the light and dark contrast. The realization of what it is and how the photo was taken.

An ordinary scene you might not give a second look at is transformed to something out of The Matrix,once you get up on a stepladder.

It all depends on your point of view.