Art Liefke Wins September 2021 Work Share “Competition” CALM (See Photo)

©Art Liefke 2021

Are you bothered by the fact that there is a star field visible in this full moon night scene?

You may point out that such a view is not possible since a full moon would obscure these stars because the moon is very bright when full. You may suggest that therefore this scene has to be “Photoshopped.”

You might go on to assert that this photograph is not really a “photograph” since it is not an accurate recording of the scene that came straight out of the camera.

I’d respond with, “OK, so why do I feel the calm when I look at this photograph? And, do you realize that images straight out of the camera are “Photoshopped” by the camera?”

Cue the puzzled look…

The debate between “recording” vs. “art form” started almost since the birth of photographic technology and the first photograph in 1826. Photographic technology has changed greatly since then but the debate seems to have not changed much at all.

To me it is a useless debate. I’d rather just look at this image and be reminded of the many times I’ve observed a similar scene. And the feelings of awe, gratefulness, and calm I’ve felt in the past, and feel again. Lucky to have observed such scenes myself, and now lucky to share in the scene that Art saw more recently.

After all, this was a contest to convey the concept of calm, not an evidence submission in a court of law.

And Art nailed it. Outstandingly. “Case closed.”

Thanks for the memories Art!