Barbara Lamonica Wins March Work Share “Competition,” SIGNS OF SPRING


© 2017 Barbara Lamonica All rights reserved.


Congratulations to Barbara for winning the March Work Share “competition,”  SIGNS OF SPRING.

This was a great image of a rite of spring.  As the snow melts, we look forward to curing our cabin fever.  Taking to the fields to participate in our national pastime fills that need for many of us.

The sepia tone of the image suggests, to me, the timelessness of this spring rite, similar to the timelessness of the rebirth of earth each year.  There is also more symbolism in this photo, can you see any other stories?

The technical aspects of the photo – composition, lighting, contrast, and subject matter choice – all work together to  communicate the idea behind the image, and also the theme of this month’s “competition.”

Great job Barbara!

Work Share “competitions” are informal contests (no prizes) that the club recently started to encourage members to think about their photography and get out and shoot photos.  We also conduct Work Share meetings each month to discuss each other’s photos with the intent to improve the photos of all of us.  (These are additional photos, not the “competition” ones.)  A gently honest approach is taken at these meetings in a supportive manner.

We also conduct other educational activities, as well as organizing trips and photo ops, all with the intention of learning and having fun with photography in an informal atmosphere.

For more information on the club and its members please see our other pages on this site.  Our meeting schedule is posted on the Event Calendar page.

Dues to join the club remain a very modest $10.00 per year.  For more information on that, please fill out and send the form on the Home Page.

Hope to meet you at a meeting soon!