Co-Winners for the May Work Share “Competition” LITTLE THINGS (See Photo)

“Polynoses” ©Thomas Giannotti 2019

Untitled, ©Carol Levatino 2019

Congrats to Tom Giannotti and Carol Levatino for winning this month’s competition!

Close-up and macro photographs have the power to make us pause and think.  Here we have two common, everyday subjects to which we probably never give much thought on a daily basis.

 Except, perhaps, to get annoyed with having to clean them off our cars or decks.  Or shoo them away from our food or our bodies when we are outside.

But pause a moment and consider these two natural wonders.

Look at the incredible prolificacy of the “polynoses.”  How many are there in just the few square inches shown in this photo?  How many does a single maple tree have to produce to ensure that an offspring maple tree will be grown?  Look at the delicate but strong veined structure of the wing.  Why are some differently colored?  Why does it even have a wing?  And I just noticed that there are two different sizes too.

And how about our old friend the insect? I can’t be sure if it’s a wasp or a fly.  What’s it doing on the leaf:  Resting, eating, laying eggs?  Check out the eyes, the wings, and the stripes on the abdomen.  From the safety of the photograph we can take our time to study it and appreciate its natural beauty.  And marvel that it, and its relatives, is the dominant animal life form on our planet (in terms of the numbers of species).

We humans live in a world that produces and shares billions of photographic images each day.  Not to mention the many other tasks and activities that demand our attention.  It’s really necessary to be able to pause and consider at some length the world around us. Especially the natural world.

A close-up or macro photograph has the power to grab your attention; slow you down a bit, and help you really notice what’s going on.  They have the power to make you consider those things that you might not normally consider and appreciate.

Thank you Tom and Carol. You have provided two fine examples of close-up and macro power through your photographic vision and talents.  Nice job!