Congrats to Liz Milward for Winning July’s Work Share “Competition” TRY (See Photo)

July 2019 Competition Winner TRY. ©Elizabeth Milward 2019

Great job Liz for winning this month’s contest with this simple, elegant story-telling photograph. Does anything exemplify the concept of “trying” more than fishing?

A mainstay activity of our photo club is our “work share” sessions.  We meet to discuss each other’s photos, providing feedback and perspectives that are intended to help us all improve our photography.

A few years ago we started our work share “competitions” to further this goal.  Every month we choose a theme and then go and attempt to shoot our best photo that meets the theme.  The photos are posted anonymously, and then club members vote on which photo best meets the theme.

Invariably, the winning photo serves to teach us all how to be better photographers.

Look, for example, at this one by Liz.  There’s a lot of learning to be had here. It demonstrates a number of photographic principles that have been developed over the course of some180 years of photographic history to create an effective communication between the photographer and the viewer.

It is simple, almost minimalist.  There are no unnecessary elements, or clutter, to detract from the story.

There’s a story (!):  Action is going on that the viewer can immediately understand.  Looking further, there’s an additional story in the photograph. Observe the relationship, suggested by the body language captured, between the father and child.

This photograph has been taken at the height of action, the high point of the child’s cast, “the decisive moment.”  Liz, you have made Henri Cartier-Bresson proud! 

Other technical elements lining up to make a strong photograph are the dynamic diagonal line of the beach, the slightly off-center composition of the people, and the beautiful light captured and showcased by skillful post processing.

The capture of this beautiful light is the jeweled capstone of this photo.  Some might say this beautiful light is the photo.

But we come back to this month’s theme to choose the winner. I’ll ask again:  Does anything exemplify the concept of “trying” more than fishing?

A wonderful photograph, Liz!