Dorothy Chanin and Larry Kelly Tie in “MAKES YOU LAUGH” Work Share “Competition” for June 2018

“Plumber, Joy.” © Dorothy Chanin 2018.

“Untitled.” © Lawrence Kelly 2018.


Congrats to Dorothy and Larry this month for a first ever tie in our work share “competitions.”

Dorothy’s photo resonates with anyone who has owned a pet.  The unpredictable humorous moments can make you burst our laughing.  I’m sure that was the case here for Dorothy.  I know I did when I first viewed it.

Dorothy is a photographer who always has her camera nearby and ready to take a photo. That’s a great idea if you live with pets or kids.  Having the camera out of its bag, handy nearby, and set up to grab shots as they happen will up your chances of getting a great shot like this.  And that’s one of the most powerful aspects of the cell phone camera most of us have with us all the time.

Larry’s shot will be familiar to anyone who has tried to get a kid to give a real smile for a posed photo.  A technique to do this is to “make them laugh” as you snap some shots.  This works, as long as you don’t mind making yourself look a little silly in the process.  (Larry does not mind at all.)  This photo was midway through that process.  We both ended up laughing.

Our next monthly meeting is July 18, 2018 at 7 PM at the Kings Park Library basement conference room.  Hope to see you there.