Dorothy Chanin Wins December 2018 Work Share “Competition” SUNLIGHT

December 2018 Winner, SUNLIGHT. © Dorothy Chanin 2018

I’ve always marveled at the power and intensity of the late fall – early winter sunset. Shouldn’t the sunset at the height of the summer season be the strongest? But it never is, at least it seems that way to me.

Whereas, at this time of year about 30 minutes before it sets, the sun frequently blinds me while I’m driving or when it catches me through a window.  Sometimes I almost want to put my hand up to block it.

If I were anthropomorphically inclined, I’d say the sun was living Dylan Thomas’ advice:  “Do not go gentle into that good night/Rage, rage against they dying of the light.”  Maybe the sun is afflicted with SAD too?  Winter days are short and the nights are surely long.

Dorothy’s photo really captures this remarkable aspect of winter’s sunlight.  I can feel the intensity of the sunset.  I don’t want to sit near that door because I know I’ll be blinded.  I’ll wait a half hour to drive home too, thanks.  And I’m a bit saddened that another short day is coming to an end.

It’s amazing for a photograph to be able to evoke such an emotion.  That’s why I voted for it.

Congratulations Dorothy, nice work!

Happy New Year to all, and for all you fellow SAD sufferers:  The days are getting longer.