Juan Acosta Wins March 2020 Work Share “Competition” GROWTH (See Photo)

© Juan Acosta 2020

Congrats to Juan for winning this month’s “competition” with this simple yet complex photograph of a spring flower.  

What might first grab you are the gorgeously lit yellow and yellow-orange petals of the three flowers. And they are the stars of the show for sure. 

As time is stopped by the photograph, we have the opportunity to study and appreciate these colors.  We have the time and opportunity to study the details in the structure of the petals, stems, and leaves.  The petal colors are also repeated, echoed, in the field of flowers in the middle distance.

It’s not just that colors of the flowers are beautiful, they certainly are.  You could stop right here and only dwell on them as the subject and enjoy this photograph.

But there is much more to this photo.

Beyond the beautiful subject, and something that gives the photo more impact, is that that these flower petal colors also fit together with all the other colors that make up the photo.

What might not be readily apparent is that all the colors arrayed in the photograph are “complementary” to each other:  All the colors in the photo go together in a way that creates an overall pleasing subconscious impact.

The grays and browns of the ground, the greens of the plant leaves, the blue, gray, and cyan colored sky are all complementary to each other.  The overall effect is one of harmony, leaving you with a certain subconscious satisfaction.  The complimentary parts make the whole greater.

There are more strengths to this photo:  The very effective composition elements.  But that would take another blog post.

So, congrats Juan for a two blog post winning photo.  Outstanding job!