Karolin Acunto Wins November 2019 “Competition” COSTUMES (See Photo)

COSTUMES Winner, November 2019. ©Karolin Acunto

Congrats to Karolin Acunto who wins the November 2019 Work Share “Competition” with this very striking photograph. Great job Karolin!

Karolin is our newest club member.  In a short time she has posted some spectacular photos to our club and to other photo groups she belongs to.

This photo is one of them. It’s a great photo on several levels.

First, it’s obvious that she established a good rapport with the subjects as shown by their facial expressions and body language.  That’s the secret to a great portrait and Karolin demonstrates it here.

People portraits are naturally good subjects because few things interest us more than members of our own species.  But if you have ever tried to take good, never mind great, photos of people you know how hard that can be.

It’s an interesting photograph as well.  That’s another secret to a great picture.  The costumes are super rich in detail.  You eye lingers on the photo to figure out all that is going on.  You appreciate the creativity of the costume makers and their obvious comfort and delight in appearing like this in public.

I kept coming back to view this photo, always a sign of a great photo for me.  Every time I viewed it I could find another interesting detail.

The more I viewed the photo, the more I also thought about the concept of “costumes.”  And that’s what clinched it for me and caused me to vote for it as this month’s winner.

I’m fascinated by this photo and especially by how the people’s faces also become part of the costume here.  It leads me to think, “Where do our costumes end and our personalities begin?”  What’s it say about us, when we choose a costume to wear?  Whether it is a Halloween costume, or the daily way we present ourselves to the world. “Clothes make the man,” is an old saying.  But is that true?

So thanks Karolin for raising all these questions that I might not have the opportunity to think about in the course of daily life.  Thanks for taking and submitting such an interesting and fun photograph.  It was very entertaining!

We’re very much looking forward to the future photos you create on your photographic journey.