Kudos to LisaMarie Castranuovo for Winning the MOOD Work Share “Competition” for June 2019 (See Photo)

MOOD competition winner, June 2019. ©LisaMarie Castranuovo 2019

When a picture is worth a thousand words, how do you express a concept like “mood?” 

You’ve just seen how it’s done.  Congratulations LisaMarie!

This month’s theme was a scary one.  Yet, we had several outstanding shots submitted.  Thanks to those members who took up the challenge.  You can be justifiably proud of the photos submitted.

This one was a little different, however.  

Rather than record a mood, LisaMarie chose to evoke one.  Chances are the mood evoked will be totally up to the person viewing this photo.  And that’s what not only makes it a great photo, but makes it art.

Chances are too that people who will view this photo will never even notice all the technical excellence demonstrated by it.  The place and subject matter, the composition, the decisive moment of the flying birds, the use of light and dark tones, the subtle use of the curving lines to focus attention, the removal of color and sepia post-processing.

All that (!) probably did not even register.  The individual parts came together magnificently to evoke a mood.  And the mood evoked will probably be different for each observer.  

I’m talking from imagination here, but some will love the mood LisaMarie evoked.  Perhaps a sense of romanticism, or an evocation of their favorite season (fall or winter, maybe).

I have to confess that I am not among them.  Are those migratory birds flying south?  It’s summer, where is the color? 

Viewing the photo so close to the first day of summer was like a gut punch.  We have already had the longest day of the year; winter iscoming (but not for a while thankfully). The mood evoked in me was a little sadness followed by a personal call to action: I better get our there and take full advantage of the summer season!

So, LisaMarie I forgive you for making me a little sad.  It’s more than made up for by the call to action and the opportunity to see and appreciate this fine art work.  Truly outstanding!