Liz Milward Wins HISTORICAL Work Share “Competition” for July 2018

HISTORICAL Winner, July 2018. ©Elizabeth Milward 2018.


Congrats to Liz Milward, winner of this month’s Work Share “Competition” HISTORICAL!

This was an exceptional month with some very strong photos entered into our contest.  There was also an unprecedented amount of engagement with several members commenting on the photos submitted.  As you might suspect, this photo generated a lot of that engagement.

What can you say about this photo?  Our members had a lot to say!

As for myself, I knew instantly that I would vote for this one when I first saw it posted in the Work Share Album for the “competition.”  I wish I had taken this shot!

It’s simply outstanding how Liz took the theme and fashioned a very original photograph from it.  As a story-telling photo, it’s a saga.  The Milky Way, an eons-old product of an ageless universe, appearing with an cultural artifact that most of us would consider “old,” or historic.

What’s the point of that story?  That depends on you, your perceptions, and your life experience.  I won’t bore you with mine now.  I’m going back to look at this mind-blowing photograph again and think about my saga.  And wonder about all the other sagas that Time has produced.

Thanks Liz!