Luann Reifert and Liz Milward are Co-Winners of August 2019 “Competition” OUTDOOR LIGHTS (See Photo)

August 2019 Co-Winner ©Luann Reifert 2019

August 2019 Co-Winner ©Elizabeth Milward 2019

Congrats to Luann and Liz for their outstanding, and very different images, meeting our theme this month: OUTDOOR LIGHTS.

Luann’s image of an outdoor fire has that mesmerizing quality that only an open campfire or a fireplace fire provides.  Somehow, you can’t take your eyes off of it.  The fire is ever changing as the flames dance, yet remains the same somehow. The glowing embers draw your eyes to study the shapes and details.  The fire’s glow and heat envelop and comfort you in the night.

It’s remarkable that Luann’s still photograph captures all of this.  Even though the still photo does not move like a video, my mind supplies the dance of the flames.  I can study the embers.  I can even feel the heat and be comforted by the glow.  Look again, and repeat…

I can imagine that if this image were my screen saver, it would be hard to start working again because I would be mesmerized!  A remarkable image.

And then we come to Liz’s very different and very subtle photograph.

If you practice photography, or maybe if you were born with this gift, you come to see beauty in your everyday surroundings.  An ordinary view, banal perhaps to many people, can suddenly become a found object of beauty and make an outstanding photograph.

Take for instance this view and this photograph.  Many people might not even give this view a second glance.

The muted colors of the dock, sand, boats, and foggy sky contrasts against the gorgeous, warm, and reassuring light emanating from the dock lamps.  In a glance, you have found an object and scene of beauty.  The photograph is not about the nautical subjects; it is all about that beautiful light.

I really think I can imagine how Liz felt when she first viewed this scene.  And the feeling of “I just have to get a picture of this!”  It’s a moving photograph made all the more powerful by the understated nature of it.

Great job Luann and Liz for showing us the potential of OUTDOOR LIGHTS.  Give them a second, or third, glance when you are next out in the world.