Luann Reifert Wins February 2020 Work Share “Competition” HOW I FEEL TODAY (See Photo)

February 2020 Theme Winner, HOW I FEEL TODAY ©Luann Reifert 2020

Congrats to Luann for winning with spinning in this past month’s themed “competition” HOW I FEEL TODAY.

Caught at the peak of action, the photo conveys the joys of the “spinning dance.”  I’m not sure what the reason is, but every niece, daughter, granddaughter, and friend’s girl-kids have done this spinning dance at some point during their early years.

And each one has had joy on their face as they did it.  So, do little girls spin because they are joyful, or does the spinning dance make them joyful?

This is a great action shot, and the average person might not appreciate the knowledge and skill it takes to preserve a moment of action like this.  Sometimes, it takes many attempts to get a “keeper” like this one.

More often, such photos are blurry, captured not quite at the peak of action, or without an interesting gesture.  This photo succeeds on all three accounts:  An interesting moment in time frozen to tell a story of childhood joy.

I think I can tell how the little girl felt during the dance.  And thanks to Luann’s skill, I’m feeling a little more joyful myself for having seen this photo.

Thanks Luann!