Luann Reifert Wins March 2019 Work Share “Competition” ONE WET MORNING

March 2019 winning photo, ONE WET MORNING
©Luann Reifert 2019

Congrats to Luann for winning our March “competition” with this cool photo taken under very challenging conditions.  Great job Luann!

One of the ideas of our Work share competitions is to, hopefully, help you to get “outside the box,” and get you “out of your comfort zone.”  (Pardon the two current clichés.)

The comfort zone is real! It seems a fact of human nature that we will all go to our favorite “watering hole” or “hunting area” to meet our needs. But what happens when the well goes dry? (I can’t promise I’ll stop using clichés!)

All right, what happens when you get tired of what you are doing in photography? 

And, even if you are not tired with it, yet, how do you keep the spark alive for the long run?  

Well, you can take a page out of Luann’s book:  Do something completely different.  Do something so challenging, it will surely make you uncomfortable. 

Like taking pictures of snowflakes before they melt into just plain old water.  Take it from me, what’s more challenging than that?  It’s a macrophotography shot (real challenging) taken before snow melts into water (which, depending on conditions, can be measured in seconds.)

So the photo is a technical tour de force.  But what I really like about this photo is that it evokes the whole winter thing. The beautifully sharp, crystalline structure of the snowflakes in the foreground devolves into a mushy mess as your eye travels through the photograph.

Further in, the amorphous cold, gray mass in the background will, sooner or later, turn into water.

And that water will later be splattered on my windshield, mixing with dirt, and causing me to mutter under my breath as I operate the wipers to sweep it away.   I’m not a fan of winter.

So, some incredibly beautiful stuff that I don’t normally appreciate will, given some heat and time, turn into the ugly mess on my windshield.  And that’s probably how my ONE WET MORNING will go:  In my box, in my comfort zone.

Thanks to Luann for showing the wonderful beauty of nature, and how great it could be outside my box if I got outside my comfort zone. I could even become a fan of winter!