Marie Altenburg Wins October 2020 “Competition” Theme LEAFY (See Photo)

“Autumn in Smithtown.” ©Marie Altenburg 2020

Congrats to Marie who takes us on a magical leafy carpet ride this month.  Great job Marie!

This photo has an illustrative back-story to it.  While on several photo walks, Marie encountered this scene on multiple occasions and was drawn to photograph it.  The only problem:  A less-than-photogenic fence marred this scene.  Moreover, she was unable to find out how to get around the fence to photograph unencumbered by it.

Many of us who practice photography can relate to this.  Seldom do you come across something that is ready made and available to photograph without any work to do, or problems to overcome.  There’s a fence in the way, it’s on private property and you do not have permission to be there, the light is not right, the time of year could be better, a lens you did not bring with you would be just right for this scene.  The list goes on.

Fortunately, she met a fellow walker who tipped her off to the “secret” of getting to this (public) property where the fence would no longer interfere.  Equipped with this knowledge, Marie returned to the location.

Now the time was right, the light was right, the gear was right, the leaves were right, the unencumbered point of view was very right.

Marie made the magic and produced this winner.

And about this image I know one other thing:  Even if this photo did not get a single vote in our competition, Marie would have a very special place in her heart for this prized photograph.

Enjoy the magical leafy carpet ride!