Mission Statement and Club Guidelines and Procedures Presented at Last Night’s Meeting

The Club’s approved Mission statement, and guidelines and procedures on collecting dues and operating the new Steering Commission were presented to the Club’s members at last night’s meeting.

The Mission of the Kings Park Photography Club is to maintain an informal club; where learning and having fun with like-minded people and giving back to the community is our focus.

The Club recently decided to collect nominal dues of $10.00 per year.  It also decided to establish a Steering Commission (SC) to guide the operation and future direction of the Club.  It also recently developed a few guidelines and procedures on collecting dues and operating the SC.  These internal matters are posted on the Members Only page on this website.

All Club meetings and most photo opportunities, trips, and photo shows are open to both members and non-menbers.  All are welcome.

Out next Work Sharing meeting will be on Tuesday, May 24, 2016 at RJO School at 7 PM.  Our next Regular meeting will be on Thursday, June 16, 2016, 7 PM at the Kings Park Library.

Come on down and check out a meeting.  Locations and directions are on the site’s Events page.

Hope to see you there!