Tom Giannotti and Liz Milward Co-Win May 2020 “Competition” SPRING (See Photo)

“Fireworks.” © Thomas Giannotti 2020
© Elizabeth Milward 2020

Congrats to Tom and Liz for co-winning this month’s Work Share “Competition” SPRING.

Spring is prime time to go forth and multiply in the plant and animal kingdoms.  Both kingdoms are well represented here in these beautiful photos.

Tom’s photo shows the power of macrophotography to reveal the wonders of nature in a dandelion fruit. The intricate and fascinating nature of this part of the dandelion plant is never contemplated as we cuss them out when found on our lawns.  As we spread the weed and feed we consciously decide to prevent this wonder of nature from developing.

Tom’s photo might serve to give us pause.  Consider the geometry of the fruit and the seeds’ attachment points.  Wonder at the delicate structure of the individual seed, with its specialized canopy structure to catch the breeze and transport it away, perhaps to a spot where the weed and feed does not settle so it can develop as a copy of its parent(s). Is it fair to judge this beautiful life form as an undesirable weed? 

Good luck dandelion!

But Liz’s photo is definitely more relatable to us as fellow animals.   Male and female Canada geese shepherd their brood protectively between their bodies through the dangerous world.  One, perhaps the male, is on the lookout for danger from afar.  The other, perhaps the female, appears to study the water looking for food.  Canada geese mate for life and they usually only have one brood per year.  So yes, entirely relatable to us.

It’s early in the season yet because the brood is still numerous.  Later on, the number of this brood will decrease as the surviving young grow up. It is indeed a dangerous world for these animals.  We root for them as parents: Maybe this pair can beat the harsh probabilities of Mother Nature and have more, rather than less, offspring survive.  

Good luck geese family!