Tom Giannotti Wins April 2018 Work Share “Competition,” TELL A STORY

“Loss.”   © Thomas Giannotti 2018. TELL A STORY Winner.


Congrats to Tom Giannotti who wins this month’s Work Share “Competition,” TELL A STORY.

Tom’s photo immediately and powerfully tells its story.  Unfortunately, it is an all-too-common non-fiction story on Long Island.  (I wonder if any photographer has done a personal project on the many, and seemingly accelerating, impromptu roadside memorials that dot our highways today?)

Moreover, to those of us who live in this area, and know the tragic story of this particular roadside memorial, there is a special poignancy to this photo. Every roadside memorial is a tragedy, and should serve to remind us all of our responsibility when we drive our cars (even locally for the most mundane errands).

This is an outstanding journalistic photo.  However, it is also artistically astute.  The technical aspects of the photo (composition, cropping), combine with the photographer’s ability to observe a scene, and then include the three relevant signs plus the memorial to produce a powerful message.

Photos like this one can change the world.  Well done Tom!