Tom Giannotti Wins October, 2019 Work Share “Competition” FALL (See Photo)

“Leaf.” ©Tom Giannotti 2019

If  “the Devil is in the details,” can that not also be true for the Divine?  Tom Giannotti’s stunning photo this month provides evidence for this point of view.

There are plenty of details to appreciate in the photo.  The intricate and amazing vein structure of the leaf are in itself a work of art. The vein structure is emphasized by a skillful use of focusing on just one part of the leaf concentrating our attention there.  

And talk about divinity: This venous work of art deteriorates every Fall only to be renewed perfectly again every Spring, in a process that has gone on for millions of years.

The photograph is also rich in the symbolism of the Fall season.  Focusing on the leaf we can see the decay process frozen in time.  We see the process of “death” but know that the miraculous process of re-birth and renewal will follow.  That vein structure will be recreated and that leaf will be green and whole again in the spring.  The ancient rhythms of life.

And did you notice that every Fall color seen in a majestic Fall landscape or single Fall tree photo also appears in this picture?  

Like many great photographs Tom’s also raises some questions:  What exactly is going on here?  The stunning light capture leads us to question just exactly how the photograph was made.  Of course, we often have no exact answer, which then invites us to supply or invent our own.

For me, I imagine a pile of Fall leaves on fire.  You don’t see this much anymore, but it was a common way in the past to dispose of the large quantities of leaves every season.  So, for me, there is a nostalgic, seasonally symbolic aspect to this photo as well. I can almost smell the smoke now.

A close up photo of a single leaf able to depict the season of Fall?  A divine photo indeed. Thank you Tom!