Juan Acosta Wins May 2021 Work Share “Competition” SOMETHING SWEET (See Photo)

© Juan Acosta 2021

My 6thgrade class picture shows about 25 kids and the teacher in it.  Or rather, 23 kids and 2 women who stand in the back row with the teacher.

Of course, those two were not really women although they appeared to be so.  As a boy back then I was aware that girls were on a faster timeline. But only much later as the father of a daughter, and then as the grandfather of a few granddaughters, did I come to appreciate the insanity of the speed of this timeline for girls.

Juan has beautifully captured a sweet moment in this young girl’s life.  A moment in that golden age between the trials and tribulations of the Terrible Two’s and adolescence.

The circumstances of the photo are wonderfully ambiguous.  Is this ice cream after the soccer game or a girl on a hot spring weekend with her family?

That’s irrelevant. The de-focused background, the subject’s size in the frame, and the decisive moment frozen in time washes away all this noise and allows the viewer to supply their own story and meaning to the photo.  Just as I have done above.

It won’t be long now before this girl wouldn’t be caught dead in a moment like this, diving into an ice cream cone and enjoying it this way.  She’ll be too self-conscious and concerned how others may judge her. Sticky hands?  “No way!”

Juan has caught the sweet, and bittersweet moment, preserved for posterity.  It’s the type of photo that would appear in a slide show of her life at her wedding.  The type of photo we all wish we could take more of in our photography.

Great job Juan!