Club Members Conduct First Monthly Meeting Using the Zoom Virtual Meetings App

Twenty (20) club members met virtually last Thursday, April 16, 2020, using the Zoom Meetings App.

The meeting went very well and we were able to conduct our usual business, and also view a presentation on Instagram by club member Eric Loehwing.

We have also scheduled our next Work Share meeting for Monday, April 27th using the Zoom App. We already conducted a Work Share meeting by Zoom last month and that went pretty well too.

As the Covid-19 epidemic continues, we may have to do additional meetings by Zoom.

In addition to our Zoom meetings, we are posting a ton of great photography and sharing photo information and techniques using our closed, group Facebook page and our club mailing list.

And, very fortunately, photography is a practice that very easily fits into social distancing requirements. It can get you out of the house. Or, be done inside the house too!

Unless, of course, you are a street photography enthusiast. You might then have to change your methods to include using telephoto lenses, a technique that is not widely used in this type of photography.

But adaptation, rising to challenges, doing creative new techniques, and solving problems comes with the photographic turf and is part of the joy of photography.

Stay safe and healthy!