Co-Winners for February 2021 Work Share “Competition” PATTERN (See Photos)

PATTERN Co-Winner Agnes Fegan ©2021

PATTERN Co-Winner George Joseph ©2021

Congratulations to Agnes Fegan and George Joseph winners of this month’s contest with two mesmerizing photos showcasing the power of PATTERN in photography.

It was another tough month to choose a winner, with several strong photos in play to win.  That we have co-winners this month reflects the quality of all the entries.

Both of these photos pose the same question to me:  What, exactly, is the pattern they both portray?

This question may sound strange to you as you might feel the answer is obvious.  Of course the pattern in Agnes’ photo is the line of streetlights on the far right side, right?  And the pattern in George’s photo is the cross member supporting structure of the dock. Right?

And to each observer it may be obvious:  At first glance.

But what gives these two photos their power is that they invite you to look closer, to go under the surface.

In Agnes’ photo we can also see the pattern of the falling snow, both on the streetlights and on the scene in general.  We can also see a subtle pattern of the trees on the left and the right against the snow clouds.  There’s also a pattern of leading lines of the RR station platform on the left and right, the RR tracks, and the signs and structures all leading your eye to infinity. The two signs attached to the streetlights jut out into the scene:  Another small pattern that disrupts the symmetry and creates a sense of energy to an otherwise calming scene.

In George’s photo there’s a lot going on.  The grain pattern on the timbers, the weather patterns on the pilings, the symmetrical pattern of the caps on the fasteners that hold the cross members to the pilings, all the leading lines of the pilings plus the leading lines of the dock platform’s support structure on top and the 90 degree opposing pattern of the dock platform timbers at the very top.  Whew!

I found that George’s image had a chaotic energy that was finally rendered as orderly, as my eye reached the shoreline in the background visible through the little porthole in the very center of the photo.  A vanishing point that reveals.  Different…and well done!

So, perhaps my question posed above may not seem so strange now?  Or, perhaps the question may still seem ridiculous to you, “Of course the PATTERN is…”