Dorothy Chanin and Gerta Polgardy Tie in August Work Share “Competition,” HOT WEATHER SCENES



“Untitled,” by Gerta Polgardy ©2018.

“Jesse’s Girl Jump,” ©2018 by Dorothy Chanin.


Congrats to Dorothy and Gerta as, once again, we have a tie for the August “competition,” and two co-winners this month.

Dorothy’s photo, “Jesse’s Girl Jump,” is an awesome action photo at last month’s summer concert hosted by the Kings Park Chamber of Commerce.  The concert’s main event, “Jessie’s Girl Band,” put on a very energetic show on a hot summer’s night, as beautifully captured by Dorothy’s photo.

Concert photography is a very challenging genre, especially at night.  You can literally feel the heat of the night, and the heat of the performance, in this great shot.  The slight blurring in the performer’s jump adds to the sense of motion and excitement much more effectively than a total freezing of the movement.  The soft, saturated colors just add to the warm, summary feeling that you had to know permeated the concert on a hot August night, even if you did not attend it. When you can get a feeling about a scene that you did not personally witness, that is the very definition of a great photograph.  Photo producing a feeling in you = wow factor.

Gerta’s photo also captures a hot weather scene beautifully.  In a similar fashion to Dorothy’s photo, the highly saturated colors of the flowers convey the warmth of the sun and the heat present in a field of flowers on a cloudless, sunny August day.  The strong rays of the sun (“crepuscular rays”) are captured, but rendered in colors, instead of the normal yellow-white appearance they have.  Although this rendering may not be ”natural,” the rendering in colors accurately portrays the true color make-up of  white light:  All the colors of the spectrum blended together.  Creative license expressing truth = wow factor.

It’s striking that the colors in the crepuscular rays are recapitulated and compositionally balanced by the colors of the flowers themselves.  Moreover, the extremely effective use of camera angle shows the flowers striving for the life-giving rays of the sun.  Their fruits have started to develop and also bask in the life-giving heat, preparing to make the future generation of this species.  An extraordinary photograph, made even more so by the fact it was made with a cell phone camera.

In my view, these are two of the best-of-the best photos we have had submitted to our monthly “competitions” to date.  Well done ladies!