Eric Loehwing Wins June 2021 Work Share “Competition” TAKEN FROM ABOVE (See Photo)

TAKEN FROM ABOVE, June 2021 Winner. ©Eric Loehwing 2021

At first glance I almost dismissed this photo as a barely literal interpretation of the theme.  It seemed like someone merely stepped up on a rock or something to get a slightly more elevated view of this cemetery.

And the location, a graveyard, was a little…unusual, although cemetery photography is a “thing” in the photographic community.

It was a pretty-enough picture:  Good exposure, a foreground interest point, and nice colors with the flowers, trees, and other vegetation.  I went on to view the other entries and found some fine photographs, and some prettier pictures.

But a curious thing happened.  I came back to look at this photo again:  And again, and again.

Like an Internet “worm,” this photo entered my mind, rattled around, and sparked an unsettling feeling. In a flash of insight the photo caused a roller coater ride of emotions.

Expressed in Internet terms, these emotions were:  WTF, OMG, Bahahaha!

But after the good laugh faded away another emotion came.

This is also a beautiful, haunting photograph.  A poetic reminder that we are only here for a short while.  We really don’t need another reminder of that, do we? Apparently, I do, because I find myself getting caught up in things that are meaningless in the big picture, so to speak.

So in recognition of that fact, and in response to Eric’s photograph-poem, I went out this week and took over 1,000 photographs.  

Because that’s an activity that’s meaningful to me and I’ve known for quite some time that I really like the view taken from above.  After all there will be plenty of time to push up daisies later. 

So thanks Eric. Thanks for all of it:  The laugh, the roller coaster ride, the reminder, and the resulting photographs.  

And, most of all, the beautiful haunting poem-in-a-photograph!