George Joseph Wins March 2021 Work Share “Competition” NATURE (See Photo)

NATURE Winner © George Joseph, 2021

How in the world do you portray a concept like nature?

A majestic, sweeping landscape vista?  Go deep into the hidden details, unseen in everyday life?   A portrait of a magnificent creature perhaps, a product of nature?  Or, an editorial statement on humanity’s impact on nature for better or worse? 

For photographers willing to accept the challenge it’s both a daunting and delightful prospect.

Several of our members rose to the challenge and submitted entries in all these categories and more. In the end, in yet another tough month to decide, George won with this magnificent creature’s portrait.

Like the movie, “There’s Something About Mary,” there’s a certain something about this critter, and this photograph, that captures a key aspect of nature.

It is a something that lies beyond the technical and artistic qualities of a good photograph.  Beyond the beautiful lighting, the composition, the decisive moment capture of the body language, the simple, minimalistic feel of the photo.  All these things are outstanding.

It took me a while to recognize it:  That certain “something” which struck me when I first viewed the photograph is the portrayal of the dignity of the creature.

The dignity of a fellow creature we have pushed from its home, chased with our pet dogs, run over with our cars.  An animal we regard as nuisance wildlife as it munches on our agricultural products and ornamental plants. 

And the dignity portrayed in this portrait highlights the underlying majesty of nature:  They’re still here.  Coming back, stronger and stronger, even.  Making ever more of their kind just as nature ordained.

And, thank you very much for the yummy crops and flowers that are perfect to fuel this comeback.

Outstanding job George!