Gerta Polgardy Wins April Work Share “Competition” Theme, LINES OR CURVES.


“Untitled.” © Gerta Polgardy 2017


A stunning shot of the ceiling of the Fulton Street subway station in NYC taken by Gerta Polgardy is the winner of our April Work Share “competition,” LINES OR CURVES.

This shot just “exploded” with impact to me when I first viewed it.  A shot where I could not take my eyes off of, and I kept coming back to look at it over and over again.  Numerous other club members felt similarly, as this shot won the competition with one of the largest votes since we started this feature of the club in November, 2016.

It’s all the more amazing that Gerta took this shot with her iPhone.  She minimally edits her photos within the iPhone camera app itself.  I had no idea it was an iPhone shot until I learned that it was Gerta’s shot, and verified it with her.  Outstanding job Gerta!

The Kings Park Photo Club welcomes all gear users, from iPhones to large format film view cameras.  And even non-gear users, if you are into making photograms or other alternative processes.  Our members range from novices to professionals.

Work Sharing is an important feature of the club.  We have Work Sharing meetings each month where we meet and discuss our photos in a gently honest approach.  The objective is to improve the photography of all our members.

We also have these Work Share themed “competitions” each month conducted entirely on our closed group Facebook page.  These are friendly, informal “competitions” using only photographs taken that month:  No searching your archives, you have to shoot new!  The winner each month gets to be featured in a blog post like this:  There are no prizes, only the recognition of fellow club members.

To learn more about the club, and to join us, please fill out the Contact Form on the Home page.  Hope to meet you at a meeting soon.