Gerta Polgardy Wins January 2019 Work Share “Competition” ICE

January 2019 Winner of ICE, © Gerta Polgardy 2019

Congrats Gerta, this one is a stunner!

Fortunately we had a couple of bouts of extremely cold weather this month leading to significant ice formation in our area.

That’s “fortunate” only in the sense that it worked out for our January themed competition, which was “ICE!”  I was sweating that a little, but we all have refrigerators and freezers after all, so it did work out.

Several members submitted some interesting photos for the competition, and it looked like they had fun rising to the challenge of the theme.  And that’s what our Work Share “competitions” are all about.

You could break down the photos submitted in terms of indoor and outdoor shots, and also landscapes and abstract images.  But which type would win the themed competition?

Gerta stepped up to the plate and produced this home run of a photo.  Definitely in the outdoor landscape category!

Every element in this photo works to support the concept of what “ICE” is, and what ICE means: Glowering skies, the emphasis on cold blue color tones in the photo, ice fangs and rime ice on the pilings, the dormant grassy area, the wildlife walking on the ice that has disrupted their natural foraging behavior, the sheer awesomeness of nature able to freeze flowing salt water.

Our eyes pause on this photo and wander around in it taking it all in.  Then we remember that we are inside, warm and don’t have to forage on the ice.  Still have to scrape it off the windshield though.

Gerta will do a presentation to the KP Photo Club on her iPhone photography this Spring. It is not to be missed!