Howard Weber Wins September 2019 Work Share “Competition” LOOKING UP (See Photo)

September 2019 Winner, LOOKING UP, ©Howard Weber 2019

Congrats to Howard Weber who wins this month’s competition with a stunning photograph that shows why it pays to start LOOKING UP.

This is a mesmerizing photo. The concentric circles of the chandelier and ceiling make for a beautiful composition.  How many circles do you count?  The additional circular element of the modern light fixture in the lower right corner makes for an interesting juxtaposition of new and old.

(I wonder if our modern lighting will be considered beautiful in 200 years?  Perhaps it will be considered old, as we consider this magnificent chandelier old.  But will it be considered as beautiful?)

The detail in the photo is incredible.  You can get lost in just the ceiling texture and features alone.  And then there is the additional world of the glass beads and light fixtures!

Another fascinating aspect of this photo is how the muted colors complement each other and come together as another mesmerizing detail element.  I think we are more used to seeing bold, primary colors in our modern world.  The attention grabbing power of these bold colors are everywhere today.

That’s why it is interesting to me to observe these muted colors.  They have a calming effect.  The muted colors also suggest “old” to me.

(Was this color palette a reflection of a slower, less hectic time?  Or was it merely the fashion of the times?)

Back to the concentric circles:  I’m up to counting 20, plus the additional circular element of the new light.  How many did you count?

Always the mark of a great photo for me is if I can not stop looking at it. Or, if I come back to look at it many times.  Another mark of a great photo is how many questions it raises, as well as how many questions it answers.

I have come back to this photo many times to look at it and it’s raised interesting questions. Simply an amazing photo.

Great catch Howard!