Karolin Acunto Wins December 2019 “Competition” ATTRACT (See Photo)

December 2019 Winner ATTRACT. ©Karolin Acunto 2019

Congrats to Karolin for winning this month’s contest with this playful image illustrating the theme ATTRACT.

This was truly a difficult theme this month.  But it’s always interesting to see how our members respond to these challenges.

Members are given little or no guidance on how to create an image that would best meet the concept of the month’s theme.  Some of our themes would be hard to be described in a written statement, never mind a photographic image.

Taking on a challenge like this can only help improve your photography.  Sometimes though, however much you rack your brain, you just can’t come up with an idea.  I know this because I racked my brain this month and came up empty!

Fortunately, Karolin hung in there and created this image.  I really like this photo because of its playful nature, bold colors, and it’s symbolic representation of the attraction concept.

I like how the cat’s lower leg and body are relatively stable, yet its upper body and legs are blurry from action as it grabs for the toy.  It shows speed and focus as it grabs for what it is attracted to.  

And couldn’t that also describe how all attraction works?  “Love at first sight,” perhaps?  Speed and focus.  Almost instantaneous.  

I’m sure some branch of psychology studies attraction.  I don’t think I want to read up on it though.  I think I’d prefer for it to remain a mystery to me.

But Karolin was able to capture the mysterious concept of attraction and communicate it in her photo. Nice job Karolin!