Karolin Acunto Wins July 2020 Work Share “Competition” SOMETHING SMALL (See Photo)

“Vole.” ©Karolin Acunto 2020

Congratulations to Karolin who wins this month’s contest with an awesome wildlife image of a cute and curious character looking at her and her camera.

This is a great wildlife image for several reasons. First, we usually don’t come across these little critters very often. They are cautious creatures, as befitting their position in the food chain. Curiosity may have killed the cat: And it’s generally not a good idea for meadow voles either. So the photo is a demonstration of Karolin’s skill and luck; if you define luck as working to be prepared to take advantage of every chance opportunity that may arise.

But what really makes this photo special is the moment in time captured. The vole’s expression is priceless. We can see its curiosity about us is as strong as ours is about it. We share this mammalian trait, curiosity, which evolved eons ago to help our kind survive and thrive in a threatening world. A trait so strong that it can make both vole and human pause, wonder, and try to figure out strange things that we can’t understand.

Captured up close and personal, we can study our little neighbor. Appreciate its paws adapted to dig tunnels and burrows. Its head: Crammed full of sensory organs giving it superb abilities see, smell, hear, and determine it’s position in space. The fur: Providing protective coloration, insulation, and warmth enough to live outdoors where many predators prowl.

Rodents get a bad rap. But their kind have been around on earth a lot longer than our kind despite our best efforts to control and eradicate them.

So, congrats Karolin for a great image of something small, but mighty!