Kings Park Photo Club Votes to Establish Dues and New Steering Commission at February, 2016 Meeting

All KP Photography Club members should check the minutes of the February, 2016 meeting and a follow-up e-mail I sent tonight regarding these two important new developments in the Club.

Dues of $10.00 per year will be a requirement for Club membership starting April 1st, 2016.  Detailed information about payment of dues and benefits of membership is in the follow-up email.

A Steering Commission of five members has been formed to guide the future direction and operation of the Club.  Two members, Frank Mercuri and myself, were appointed.  An additional three (3) members are needed to form the full steering commission.  The steering commission membership may be enlarged to seven (7) members total.  The steering commission members, and final size, will be determined at our March, 17th, 2016 meeting, 7 PM at the KP Library.

I urge all Club members to read the information in the minutes and the follow-up e-mail and consider applying for steering commission membership.  If you have any questions please contact me.

These are exciting new changes and I hope you will join us to take the Club forward!