Kings Park Photography Club Awarded Superintendent’s Award From Kings Park School District – Heritage Museum

The Kings Park School District – Heritage Museum awarded the Kings Park Photo Club the Dr. Mary DeRose Superintendent Award (2015) “For helping to develop and maintain a community photography club determined to make Kings Park a symbol of beauty.”

The Club thanks the School District and the Heritage Museum for this recognition.  The Club is grateful for the assistance of the Kings Park Heritage Museum and the Kings Park School District in meeting the Club’s goals.

Mr. Leo Ostebo, Director of the Kings Park Heritage Museum, has been a tremendous backer of the Club and has enabled the Club to contribute to several community projects.  Dr. Timothy Eagen, Superintendent of the School District, has approved the use of RJO School and its photo projection equipment for our monthly Work Sharing meetings there.  The Principal of RJO, Mr. Rudy Massimo and his staff, have gone the distance in helping us with the many details involved in having successful and productive Work Sharing meetings at RJO.

The Club looks forward to a continued partnership with the Museum and the School district and stands ready to help the Museum and School District meet their community improvement and educational goals.


.KPSD_HM Plaque_2015