KP Photo Club to Do First Veterans Free Portrait Donation on October 27, 2018 in Kings Park

The Kings Park Photo Club will provide a free 8 X 10 inch photo print and social media image to US Armed Forces veterans and active military members as a way to give back to those who have served, or are serving, our country. This portrait donation is limited to the first 25 veterans applying by October 22, 2018.

The photo shoot will be held at the American Legion Hall in Kings Park on October 27, 2018 from approximately 10 AM to 3 PM. Participating Veterans may have up to 5 family members/friends pose with them, if desired, for a total of 6 people in their photo.

Terms and conditions apply, and the participating veteran must show a photo ID and proof of veteran status on the day of the photo shoot. Complete information, including Terms and Conditions, will be sent with applications.

To Apply: Vets or a designated family member/friend should completely fill out the “Contact Us” form above on the Home Page.  Applications must be received by October 22, 2018. All participants must agree to the Terms and Conditions on the day of the shoot. The donation is limited to the first 25 vets applying, on a first-come-first-served basis.

Posted below is an information sheet/FAQ for the Veterans Portrait Donation project.  For additional questions not answered by it, please send an email to:, or complete the “Contact Us” form on the Home Page.


Information Sheet/FAQ

PurposeThis project seeks to give back to those who have served their country by serving in its Armed Forces.  All veterans and active duty military members are eligible (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, and Reserve/National Guard components of these services).


What’s Provided:  An 8 X 10 photo print portrait and a watermarked social media-sized image are mailed free of charge to each participating veteran in time for the December 2018 holidays.  Additionally, the participating veteran can have up to 5 family members/friends with him or her in the portrait photograph, if desired. The maximum number of people photographed, including the participating veteran, is 6.


Dates and Location of Photo Shoot:  Veterans, or a designated family member/friend, must apply byOctober 22, 2018This donation is limited to the first 25 veterans to apply, first come-first served basis.  See “How to Apply”below.


The photo shoot will be on Saturday, October 27, 2018at the American Legion Hall, 20 Thompson Street, Kings Park, NY 11754.  Time will be from approximately 10 AM to 3 PM.  Half the participants will be scheduled for the late morning, half for the early afternoon.


Terms and ConditionsThere are terms and conditions that must be agreed to by the participating veteran and any family/friends also being photographed. These will be provided to all veterans who apply.


            To summarize: The Club will provide the print and social media image delivered totally free of charge in time for the December holidays.  We will provide a properly exposed; accurately color balanced print and image.  We can not guarantee facial expressions, poses, clothing, etc.  Several images will be taken; the image selected for the portrait will be the best one in the judgment of the Club.  We will provide advice on what to wear for the shoot and assistance with posing on the day of the photo shoot.  We can not accommodate any requests for scheduling a specific time for the shoot; times will be assigned either the late morning or early afternoon based on when the application is received.  A photo ID and proof of veteran status will be required of the participating veteran on the day of the shoot.  Proof of veteran status can be shown by American Legion or VFW membership, Armed Forces separation documents (“DD 214 Forms, etc.), active/reserve military ID, NYS DMV Driver’s License endorsement, VA ID, or other acceptable proof of veteran status.  The participating veteran and all family members/friends being photographed agree to allow the Club to use the portrait image on the Club website, closed group Facebook page, and print or electronic media to publicize this, or future Veterans Portrait Donation events.  By participating in this free Veterans Portrait Donation, the participating veteran and all family/friends agree to all the

Terms and Conditions. A copy of the Terms and Conditions will be provided to all participants photographed on the day of the photo shoot.


How to ApplyPlease visit the Kings Park Photography Club Website Home Page at: www.kingsparkphotoclub.organd completely fill out a “Contact Us” form.  ***When contacting the Club to apply, you must provide the veteran’s name, address, phone number, and E-mail address.***   A designated family member/friend can also serve as a point of contact for this purpose.


            ***This free portrait donation will be limited to the first 25 veterans who apply. Selections will be made on a first-come, first-served basis.***


You will receive additional information from us, including advice about what to wear to the shoot, when to come to the American Legion Hall on the day of the shoot, who to contact for questions or more information, etc.


Questions Not Answered by Above??  Please send an email to or fill out the “Contact Us” on the Home Page of this website.