Kristin Spann and Larry Kelly are Co-Winners for August 2021 Work Share Contest DOWNTIME (See Photos)

© Kristin Spann 2021
© Lawrence Kelly 2021

The dog days of August turned out to be an opportune time to grab images of people, and other critters, kicking back and taking a break.  And dog days we had in abundance this past month with several days under a Heat Advisory or Heat Warning.

What better place to escape the heat than to head down to the water and engage in one of the great American pastimes, fishing? 

Kristin’s image of a lone fisherman beautifully captures the essence and spirit of fishing.  The gorgeous late afternoon sun provides the perfect golden glow backdrop to escape the heat and cast your line.  I can even feel the warm, but way cooler than land sea breezes flowing over the open water in this photograph!

I’ve heard fishing described as “A great excuse to do nothing,” meaning that it’s a good way to take a respite from the frenzy of everyday life.  And who even cares if you catch anything when you are immersed in the golden light and cooling breezes on a Heat Advisory day?  Coming home with a fish, or two, or 10, is just icing on the cake.

I think my “granddog,” Axel, might disagree about the effectiveness of fishing to escape the heat and take a break.  Not having thumbs definitely puts a crimp in your ability to go fishing.  If Axel could talk, I think he might say that the perfect way to escape an August dog day under a Heat Advisory would be to take a nap in a nice air-conditioned house.

Much better than digging a hole under some bushes and curling up in the cooler earth like his ancestors had to do before air conditioning arrived.  And from his tongue sticking out, signaling a very relaxed state, his ancestors would heartily agree I think.

As the weather turns cooler moving into September our hot days are numbered.  Who knows, we may even be longing for a dog day this winter. Enjoy the remaining warmth of late summer!