Kristin Spann Wins April Work Share “Competition” UNIQUE (See Photo)

©Kristin Spann 2021

Kristin is a newer member of our club. Although I’ve only met her once in person, I’ve seen about 60 or so of her photos shared with our club. I’ve seen enough to come to the conclusion that I like her work and how she sees the world.

She has “an eye” for photography, like a number of our other members do. I’m not really sure about this, but I’m willing to bet that Kristin has been taking really good photos from the first day she picked up a camera.

But I was a bit surprised when I found out Kristin had taken this winning photo. At first glance it is nothing like the photos she has already shared with us. And then, as I thought about it, it fits in nicely with the other examples of how she sees the world.

Each one of her photographs is a type of found object. Whether it’s wildlife, a landscape, or individuals in nature. Kristin is a collector, as well as an artist.

This time she has collected an actual object: An art piece by a fellow artist.

“But it’s only graffiti,” someone might say. Well, as I learned a couple of years ago, there is graffiti and then there is Graffiti Art. This photo demonstrates that difference superbly.

Amid the chaos and decay of the rotting structure there is the chaos and decay of the type of graffiti we see most of the time. The tags, the cryptic inscriptions, the puerile obscenities, a political slogan or two, unoriginal shapes and designs straight out of the Urban Graffiti Makers Handbook. [Yawn.]

And then there is the skull dominating the scene: Clearly the work of a Graffiti Artist.

The macabre colors, the missing teeth, the skeletal subject. This all reflects the chaos and decay around it. The inexorable progression of entropy claiming everything in the world, living and non-living.

But what makes the skull “art” for me is the expression on its face. Is it giving some serious side-eye to the crap all around it? As if the say, “Here I am, Art, stuck up here with all this junk around me!” The skull even has a tag written on it. Desecration!

The skull portrayal reveals the unique viewpoint of an artist among the dreck around it. And Kristin’s unique view of the world, as she traveled in it that day, identified it and collected the work of a fellow artist.

Great find Kristin, and great photo. And congrats for nailing down a difficult theme this month!