Kristin Spann Wins July 2021 Work Share “Competition” YOUR FAVORITE PLACE (See Photo)

July 2021 Winner ©Kristin Spann 2021

Wow, Kristin you really produced a winner here!  So, let’s dive into the photo and take it apart to see what makes it so good…

Nah…not going to do that. It would only detract from experiencing it.  Instead, let’s discuss this great location and how it produced this winner…

Nah.  Any such deconstruction of this photo is only going to detract from it.

It’s enough to say that Kristin made a photo that is its own landscape photography workshop.  In one photo.

And in a place readily accessible to all.  A place we all appreciate, at least, if not outright love.  A place we all have been to dozens of times, if you’re a local to these parts. 

This photo makes me wish I were a morning person-photographer.  Unfortunately, I am not.

However, Kristin’s photo makes me seriously challenge my circadian rhythm.  There’s always hope, maybe tomorrow?  I’ll set the alarm.

And that’s how you move people with photography!