Larry Kelly Wins April Work Share “Competition” WET (See Photo)

©Lawrence W. Kelly 2020

Fortunately, April had an abundance of rainy days for the WET theme.  After a couple of attempts during the weeks of April, I had a photo I thought was good enough to enter our “competition.”

I was motivated to produce this photo by two things.  The first is a quote I came across a while back saying (in effect) that photographs are not things.  They are ideas.

The second is that I have tried to make these types of photographs over the years with very little “luck.”  I find them tricky and challenging to get a good subject in good “focus” (or defocus) when the conditions are also right.

While this photograph may not have had the ideal subject, the conditions were certainly ideal this month. I did know what photograph I was trying to make; I had the idea of it in my mind. 

The photo idea in my head guided me to take and then post process this real life photo.  The object was to try to express that idea.  I looked at this work share competition process as an exercise to try to achieve this goal.  

I was a little surprised to find my exercise had garnered enough votes to win the “competition.” Especially since there were several outstanding photos entered.

So, thanks for that and maybe I learned another lesson.