Larry Kelly Wins July Work Share “Competition” FUN

“Fun #2,” ©Lawrence W. Kelly 2017,


This photo won the July Work Share themed “competition,” FUN, by a narrow one vote margin over three close contenders.

This was a very tough month to choose a winner since 4 photos were close in the voting tally. Thanks to all who entered to make this a tough choice. The photos submitted were all good ones, and it was obvious from the comments that people had a bit of a hard time to choose the one photo that fit the theme best for them.

It indicates we are submitting good photos that makes a clear winning choice very hard. Looking forward to seeing how this club activity pushes all of us to make our best photos on short notice and helps all of us improve our photography.

The club also conducts Work Share meetings where we meet to discuss our photos.  The feedback provided, in a gently honest atmosphere, helps all of us do better work.

Please contact us through the form on the Home page of this website to learn more about Work Share meetings and competitions, as well as our trips, photo ops, presentations, gear discount program, and other club activities.  Our meeting schedule is posted on the Event Calendar page.

Hope to meet you at a meeting or event soon!