Larry Kelly Wins Work Share Themed “Competition,” MOVEMENT, for Month of May.

“End Run.” © Lawrence W. Kelly 2017, (Click to enlarge photo.)


Work Share competitions are informal contests (there are no prizes) adhering to a theme each month.  The photographs must be taken within the month of the theme.  No searching of archives allowed!

The objective is to give you an excuse to go out shooting each month.   And also to, hopefully, stretch yourself to come up with something good, perhaps having a new perspective on the theme.

Speaking for myself, I look forward to these opportunities each month and spend some time thinking about photography and how to achieve a good shot.  And although this shot does not break new artistic barriers, I had a lot of fun capturing the intensity of these youngsters as they moved through space and time.

We have been doing Work Share “competitions” for the last six months and will post a gallery of the first six winners shortly.  This will help fulfill the vision of club founder, Frank Mercuri, who founded the club to showcase the talents of local photographers.

If you are interested in informally competing with us, or just love photography, check out the additional information on the “Join” page of this website.  You don’t have to be from Kings Park to join either!

Hope to see you at a meeting soon.