Linda Johnson Captures September Work Share “Competition” IN LOVE WITH…

“Untitled” © Linda Johnson 2018. September Work Share “competition” winner.


Linda Johnson wins the September Work Share “competition” with this great shot taken at the Renaissance Faire in Tuxedo, New York.

Definitely a fine example of nailing the decisive moment, the photo literally captures the loving gestures and body language of this couple.  It is an arresting shot, made even more so by the post-processing.  The painterly effect adds to the feeling of history embodied by the costumes of this historically-themed park.  It was the clear winner this month.

Interestingly, the Renaissance Faire serves as a training ground for stage actors:  Various costumes can be seen hanging in the background.  So this begs a fascinating question, “Are they acting, or is this for real?”  It could be both too, as many people in the same profession also have personal relationships.  The deeper you dive into this photo the better the experience becomes.  Always the mark of a great photo for me.

In the end the question is moot:  This photo consummately embodies the theme.

Outstanding job Linda!