Linda Johnson Wins OFF THE WALL Work Share “Competition” for March 2018

© Linda Johnson 2018. For the OFF THE WALL Work Share Themed “Competition.”

Congratulations to Linda for winning the March “competition” with this outstanding action shot that is, literally, off the wall.  Great job Linda!

This was a a particularly tough assignment this month.  I know because I could not come up with a good shot to submit, even after racking my brain for ideas for four weeks.  However, several other members were up to the task and entered some very creative takes on this theme.  In the end, Linda’s literal interpretation took the prize.

Work Share “Competitions” are designed to get members out shooting each month.  Only photos taken during the month are eligible:  No combing through archives. The idea is to have fun, and hopefully do your best work inspired by the competitive nature of this activity.  I always put quotes around the word competition because this is a friendly contest, and there are no prizes other than having your photo featured in this monthly blog post.

We have had some outstanding photos submitted and selected over the past 16 months, or so, that we have been doing this Club activity.  It has really showcased the diversity of styles, and personalities, of our Club members.

Our next Monthly Meeting will be on Thursday April 19, 2018 at 7 PM in the basement conference room of the Kings Park Library.  So please come and check us out.

For more info on the Club and how to join, please see the Join page on this website.  Hope to meet you at a meeting or Club event soon.