Lisa Marie Castranuovo Wins November’s Work Share Themed “Competition” LOVE

November Themed Work Competition LOVE Winning Photo © Lisa Marie Castranuovo 2017.


Congratulations to Lisa Marie for winning the Work Share themed “competition” LOVE for November!

To illustrate the theme, Lisa took a photo of a  modern bride and groom, a traditional subject to be sure, but processed it in such a way as to bring home to us the timelessness of love.  The decisive moment of the embrace, captured, establishes the timelessness of love.  You can easily imagine a similar scene in the 1800s, the 1500s, or even in human pre-history. (Minus the modern clothes and structures of course.)  It’s hard to believe that this photo was taken in the past month because the antique processing style is so convincing.

This photograph is a great example of how choice of subject, photographic skill at moment of exposure, and post-processing skill combines with the photographer’s vision to tell a story effectively.  Well done Lisa Marie!

Our next Work Share “competition” theme is BLURRED and is open now until December 26th, 2017.  If you like friendly, informal competition consider joining the club now.  You can participate in this current “competition.”  Please see how to join us on the Join page of this website.

Our next Regular meeting will be on Thursday January 18, 2018, 7 PM at the Kings Park Library.  Wishing everyone a joyous and healthy holiday season and a Happy New Year!