LisaMarie DaLoia Castranuovo Wins First Work Sharing “Contest” in New Club Pilot Program


Congratulations to LisaMarie who won our first Work Sharing Themed “contest,” “REFLECTIONS,” today!

Her photo, “City Reflections” appears here.

This new Work Sharing feature is an experimental pilot program we started last month.  The idea is to post a theme, and then in one month’s time take our one best picture that illustrates the theme.  Creativity, and out-of-the-box, photos are encouraged.  There’s no combing through your archives, you have to get out and shoot it within the month!

Club members then have a few days to comment on all the photos and vote for their favorite. While there is currently no prize awarded, the member will get to show off their winning photo on this Club blog site (if the member wants too, that’s optional).

This new idea is an off-shoot of our popular Work Sharing meetings.  Members display several photographs apiece and receive feedback on them from other members in a honest, but supportive fashion.  We also have had an outside, experienced photographer provide feedback to us as well.  Our Work Sharing effort is one of the most valuable features of our club.  We anticipate adding this friendly “contest” aspect to our regular Work Share meetings once we work all the details out.

You can participate in this effort to improve your own photography by joining the club.  Dues are a very modest $10.00 per year.  For more information and to join, please send in the Contact Us form on the Home Page of this website.  Our next Regular meeting will be on Thursday January 19, 2017, 7 PM at the Kings Park Library, but we will be doing another contest, “WINTER LIGHT” over the holidays and open now to club members.

To see more of LisaMarie’s work, and to be inspired by this very creative photographer, please see her links below: