Liz Milward Wins October Work Share “Competition:” AUTUMN LEAVES

©Elizabeth Milward 2018

Congratulations Liz for winning this month’s “competition” with this outstanding autumn photograph!

It is timeless and creative.  We have all witnessed an autumn day like this one.  The clear blue sky; placid water reflecting sky; the mix of leaf colors as nature transitions from summer growth to winter dormancy (and reflected in the water to boot); the interesting textures, shapes, and beautiful color transforming a common maple leaf into a work of art.

It looks like morning.  Was it morning?  It looks cold outside.  Or was it an “Indian Summer” afternoon?

But for me (not to minimize these things in any way), greater than the beautiful elements recognized, synthesized, and captured by Liz in this photo; greater than the technical skill required by knowing the camera equipment and settings; greater than any documentation of a beautiful landscape scene, is the photo’s symbolic aspect.

I was struck by how the individual leaf also reflects the colors of the millions of leaves in the woodland.  The history recorded in this one symbolic leaf reflects the ongoing process viewed in the woodland as a whole.

The slight tinge of green indicating the life-sustaining conditions of summer transitions to the yellow and reds of autumn’s decay, transitions to the brown and black of winter’s death and dormancy.  

In short, for me this photo sums up the whole seasonal process right now, the whole circle of life.  I’m feeling a little SAD (pun intended).  Is it Spring yet?

Thank you Liz for creating this beautiful photograph and sharing it with us.