Tom Giannotti Wins August 2020 “Competition” INCONSISTENCY (See Photo)

“Bar none.” ©Thomas Giannotti 2020

Congrats to Tom who wins this month’s themed “competition” with a whimsical composition of two friends enjoying drinks at a bar. (I’m not sure if one of them will be happy with the limited menu choices, however, I am sure that the other will be OK with whatever is on the menu!)

This was a very tough theme this month for our photographers. Should you be on the lookout for a scene that says, “inconsistency?” Or, should you try to construct a story to illustrate that theme?

Anyway you choose to do it, it’s going to be real hard to demonstrate an idea that can be looked at in two ways: As a real world observation, and as an abstract concept.

Tom was able to capture a real world observation. As photographers, we can relate to his feeling of joy as he walked along and happened on this scene by chance. There’s a level of excitement and urgency to preserve the scene before it is lost forever.

Tom nailed the capture of this moment. Both subjects appear to be contemplating the menu as they have their drinks before them. Body language, line of sight, viewpoint to observe the drinks and enough of the menu to get the idea: Perfect.

You have to, at least, have a little chuckle of amusement as you regard this picture. I once read that the reason we find something funny is that the situation, joke punch line, etc., is different from what our brain predicts the answer, or the reality, to be. It’s inconsistent with our concept of what reality should be.

So, well done Tom. And also kudos for realizing this humorous photo could also illustrate such a difficult concept to capture in a photograph.