Tom Giannotti Wins February Work Share “Competition” ONE OF A KIND

ONE OF A KIND February 2019 Winner. ©Thomas Giannotti 2019

A one of a kind photo of a one of a kind place wins this month’s themed “competition,” ONE OF A KIND. Congrats to Tom Giannotti who made this extraordinary image!

If you think about it, we don’t really have that many fully restored and functioning historical buildings in our area.  And we live in one of the oldest parts of the country.

A notable exception is the St. James General Store.  It wasn’t that long ago that it was just an old building still being used for commercial purposes.  Today, restored and a well-known tourist attraction, the store sells Victorian items and historical books and children’s toys on the second floor.

The Victorian era, antebellum structure is actually the oldest general store in the United States, having continuously operated since 1857.  So it’s truly a one of a kind place.

And, the St. James General Store is, of course, reputed to be haunted with the spirit of a little girl.

Tom’s photo of the building goes beyond a mere documentary photo of a historic place.  It’s a one of a kind image too.

Carefully taken to avoid modern distractions, it is post-processed to elicit the historic nature of the building.  The detailed sharpness and the toning of the photograph suggest that it was taken with an ancient camera even though 21stcentury gear was actually used.

The photograph appears to be “alive” to me, with a particular and unusual visual energy.  Almost as if the image vibrates.

And, if you enlarge the photo and look in the right window on the second floor, is that a face staring back at you?

You know, upstairs where they sell the children’s toys?