Tom Giannotti Wins June 2020 Work Share “Competition” MONOCHROME (See Photo)

“Daisy,” ©Thomas Giannotti 2020

Congrats to Tom who wins this month’s ‘’competition” with this gorgeous photograph of a subject many people might choose to portray in color instead.  

At first glance, this photo hit me with an emotional reaction that would be hard to surpass by a color photograph of the same flower.  That is the true strength of a black and white photo:  The emotional punch that can be experienced by an image that only consists of shades of gray.

I knew this would be a difficult vote because there were so many other fine monochrome images submitted this month.  I took a long time to carefully consider them all.  There were some that also delivered that emotional punch.  I’m actually a little disappointed this month that we can not choose more than one winner under our rules.

In the end, I tipped to voting for this photo based on some of the choices Tom made to capture and develop it. 

The varying focus on the flowers and their parts is subtle and very effective.The capture of the water drops is a fine detail that I originally did not see at first glance. It caused me to further study and appreciate the details in the flower that is most in focus, the main subject of the photograph (as I interpret it).  It caused me to linger with the image, always the mark of a fine photograph for me.

The high contrast processing and subtle shading of the photo is also highly effective.  It was the fist that delivered the emotional punch.

Another mark of a fine photograph is if you can say about it, “I wish I made that.”

So Tom:  I wish I had made this photograph!