Tom Giannotti Wins June Work Share “Competition” ZOOMED.

“Gerber Daisy,” © Thomas Giannotti 2017

Congrats to Tom Giannotti for the winning shot in this month’s themed Work Share “competition,” ZOOMED!

The photo, entitled “Gerber Daisy” is a nice example of the technique of zooming the lens as you take the photo.  The flower color and unfocused background complement each other well.  This shot has a particular soft abstract feeling that is very appealing.  Well done Tom!

The club conducts informal themed “competitions” each month as part of its Work Sharing feature.  The idea of Work Sharing is to contribute to the improvement of everyone’s photography in the club.  There are no prizes.  The club also conducts Work Sharing meetings most months where members submit images for feedback from members and occasionally outside reviewers.

This month’s themed “competition,” ZOOMED, placed a restriction on the lens that could be used to make an image.  Only lenses greater than 55 mm Focal length on a full-frame camera, or 57 mm on a crop-framed sensor could be used.  Other than that, the members were free to interpret the theme.  There were several really good images, all different variations on the concept of using a zoom lens.  Tom chose to also zoom the lens as he was taking the shot.  This is a very interesting and fun technique technique to play with which can result in stunning images.

To learn more about these techniques and have fun with photography, consider joining our club.  More information can be found on the other pages of this website.  See the “Join” page for info on how to join the club.

Hope to meet you at a meeting soon!